「BANANA FISH」の登場キャラクターで好きなのは誰 ...

Akemi Yoshida’s suspenseful action manga "banana fish".It was serialized in "Separate Shojo Comic" from 1985 to 1994. It has been popular since the animation in 2018 and will be released in a reprint BOX. One of the attractions is the large-scale development of the story starting from solving the mystery of the word "Banana Fish".[Picture: See ranking 41st to 1st] Here, let us introduce the four main characters.

● Gray link

The protagonist of this work is the boss of a street gang in New York. He is also the half-brother of Griffin Karen Reese, and he holds the key to the story. In addition to the beautiful appearance of blonde and blue eyes, he also possesses the charm of genius IQ and extraordinary combat effectiveness. Judging from his younger brother's experience in serving in the military when he was a child and surviving the harsh environment, he also has a strong mentality that he is not afraid of death.

● Okumura Eiji

Interview Japanese college students from street gangs as an assistant photographer. The innocent and straightforward character softens the surrounding environment, while having the innocence that is easy to be liked, but also the stubbornness of not holding a gun.Ash is one of the few things that can be forgiven, so it is often targeted for life as Ash's weakness.

● Dino Francis Gozin

Bald and bearded Corsican mafia leader. He is also a person who has seen Xiaozhi's extraordinary talents and gave him a talent education. In the film, he will be adopted by Xiaozhi, but on the other hand, he has a refracted affection, such as treating him as a male prostitute in business.

● Frederick author

A young man who belongs to a street gang with Xiaozhi, a role that has a strong resentment towards him because of past events and complexes. He is a very ambitious person, physically and mentally tough. I am willing to use any means for this purpose, and I intend to use this technique to capture ashes.

● Which character of Banana Fish do you like best?

So, I introduced the four words of BANANA FISH. who do you like?

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