7 Years Later, Logitech’s G402 Remains My Best Productivity Boost

Some say that a gaming mouse is pointless. Others say that keyboard shortcuts are the name of the game. But I beg to differ. A well-built gaming mouse can help you in more than just games.

This might sound like a marketing pitch but that isn’t why you’re here. You want to know why you should step up from a low-quality mouse. While a $30+ device can feel more like an extension of yourself and not a tool, the Logitech G402 has tangible benefits.

With enhanced ergonomics, customizable buttons, and a rock-solid build, a gaming mouse can serve you well beyond the realm of videogames. Longevity is rarely an issue when it comes to mice. Even the humble low-budget Microsoft mouse can scurry about for years. But ergonomics and customization can go a long way in turning a mouse into your mouse.

Meet the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech’s G402 lets me do everything from lob a grenade to handling Photoshop layers with 8 programmable buttons. It’s built for function and comfort, responsive to every click and motion. Logitech knows what gamers want: reliable and consistent performance at a great price. And those pillars hold weight even when it comes to productivity.

Customizable buttons let you forget about keyboard shortcuts that change from one app to the other. Top-notch ergonomics mean that wrist pain and soreness are issues of the past. These benefits exist on most, if not all, gaming mice.

Take it from an engineer who spends over half his day juggling software and the occasional sprinkle of writing/gaming. These mice are no gimmicks. Here’s why a gaming mouse needs to be in your shopping cart.

Here’s how a gaming mouse aids productivity

  • Customizable buttons: What if you didn’t have to memorize keyboard shortcuts? Buttons let you do that. Lots of buttons. Some mice offer over 10 buttons that are both easy to reach and fully customizable. And yes, they can be configured on a per-app basis. Goodbye, finger gymnastics.

  • Ergonomics: There’s more to a fine mouse than how it feels. Ones that perfectly fit in the hand prevent your wrist from getting sore. Reducing strain and improving arm posture helps when you’re at a desk for hours together. You don’t have to worry about extended gaming sessions and database tinkering anymore. Now sit straight.

  • Performance: Not everyone needs pixel-precise accuracy or deadly accuracy. But anything that requires pointing and clicking could use some luxury. Gaming mice feature optical sensors that let you mess with sensitivity settings until it feels just right. Some even let you adjust weights and how a scroll wheel works. It’s your mouse, after all.

  • Aesthetic: There’s more to work than performance. The right mouse can make working (relatively) bearable. Sure, tactile clicks, grippy textures, and a great scroll wheel might not appeal to everyone. Being an extension of your hand is rarely at the top of a mouse feature list. A premium mouse that lets one quickly enter a state of productive flow is an underestimated life hack. Get yourself an elegant desk companion.

  • Run complex scripts: Remapping shortcuts to buttons is one thing. But what if your mouse could do several things with the press of a button? I’m talking about adding text without formatting or copying files to a specific folder. Anything that would require multiple key presses is fair game. Script all the things.

  • Use macros: Work at the office usually boils down to performing the same task over and over again. Definitions of insanity aside, macros can record keystrokes and assign them to a single button. You can even control the delays between each key press. And yes, this can be used as a toggle for multiple workflows. Software like Logitech’s G Hub and Razer’s Synapse makes creating macros a breeze. Make each press count.

  • Is a gaming mouse a worthy non-gaming investment?

  • Here are some ways you could use a gaming mouse like the Logitech G402:

  • Shuffling between browser tabs with dedicated keys to go back and forth.

  • Specific functions like volume control, copy/paste, etc.

  • Handling spreadsheets and formulae without repetitive entries.

  • Photoshop/After Effects shortcuts or combining several commands into one button. And that goes for all sorts of editors.

  • And yes, gaming. Skills, abilities, tricks, anything works.

  • There’s more to productivity than just getting work done. Minimizing fatigue and the inertia to start tasks is an underestimated ability that premium tools tend to possess. And that’s before flexibility and aesthetics enter the picture.

  • Spend a couple of dollars on a robust gaming mouse that makes you look forward to using it. A desk companion must be able to keep up with your pace and a gaming mouse promises that and more. I’m not saying you’ll turn ultra-productive but you will be grateful.

  • If you’re in the market for a good gaming mouse, The Verge has some solid recommendations. Their top recommendation is Logitech’s $50 G502 Hero, a step up from my $25 G402 Hyperion Fury. Godspeed!

7 Years Later, Logitech’s G402 Remains My Best Productivity Boost